Urgent Maintenance 

For urgent after hours emergencies please download this Emergency Information sheet for tenants.

Non-Urgent Maintenance 

For any  maintenance issues that are non urgent please email your property manager or complete a maintenance request form which is available from our agency advising us what needs to be repaired. 

All non urgent maintenance requests must be submitted in writing to Pride Real Estate and can be processed by completing the maintenance request form or either mail, fax or email your request to us.

Please contact us directly for any urgent maintenance issues in the event of an emergency or contact the relevant tradesman for 24 hour assistance in the event the office is closed.

Pride Real Estate has systems in place to deal with urgent repairs which are outlined at the bottom of the page.

How we identify maintenance

We identify maintenance through:

  • The Tenant contacting his/her Property Manager
  • Our team undertaking regular Routine Inspections
  • The inspection of vacated properties
  • Property Condition Reports

How we prioritise maintenance?

Maintenance that affects health, safety or essential security of our tenants is undertaken first. We call this urgent, or priority work.

What are Landlord’s responsibilities?

They are simply summarised as follows:

  • Undertaking repairs to ensure properties are safe, secure, clean and fit to live in
  • Maintaining properties in reasonable repair

What are the Tenants Responsibilities?

They can be summarised as follows:

  • Keeping the premises clean
  • Any damaged caused by a tenant or people they allow on the premises
  • Notify the Agent of any damage as soon as possible to avoid any further damage
  • Leaving the premises in the same condition (as set out in the Property Condition Report) at the end of the tenancy excepting reasonable wear and tear.

Maintenance is a major point of contact between Pride Real Estate Property Management and its tenants. It is used as an opportunity to improve their overall satisfaction with the properties and services we provide. We are pro-active to ensure critical and essential work is completed first.  In maintaining our properties we recognise that they are a highly valuable asset. We plan and undertake maintenance work to maintain their value as an asset and as a home for tenants.

What about small repairs

 Tenants may fix minor repairs if he/she is competent to do so. For Example:  

  • Nailing loose fence palings
  • Re- Screwing loose cupboard handles   
  • Gluing a lifted tile

 How responsive are we to repairs?                        

We organise our maintenance work into categories of responsive and planned work. This helps us to meet the expectations of Tenants to get critical repairs fixed quickly and make best use of our resources by planning all other work.

We are committed to providing a high level of service when responding to request for repairs.  We will:

  • Attend to urgent maintenance within 4 hours
  • Attend to priority maintenance within 2 working day

What about urgent repairs?  

Urgent repairs are where there is an immediate health, safety or security risk or where the property will be further damaged if works if are not carried out quickly. Urgent repairs are defined in The Residential Tenancies Agreement. 

Examples include:

  • A burst water service
  • A blocked or broken toilet system
  • A serious roof leak
  • A gas leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • A breakdown of essential service
  • Flooding or serious flood damage

If we are unable to organise repairs within a reasonable time frame, the tenant may arrange to get the work done to a maximum value of $1,000 & seek reimbursement from the landlord as per the RTA.

Office Times

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm
Saturday 9:00am – 2:00pm

Maintenance Request Form

If you require maintenance, please complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange a repair.

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